How to Invest

Administration Details

Administrators - Polar Capital Funds Plc

Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited

Dealing Frequency

UK Absolute Equity Fund & UK Value Opportunities Fund

Daily (11.59.59 Dublin time deadline)

All other funds

Daily (17.00 Dublin time deadline)

Dealing Details

Polar Capital Fund Servicing Centre

Deals may be placed over the telephone once the initial opening trade has been placed via fax or post.

  • Telephone+353 1 434 5007
  • Fax+353 1 542 2889

Dealing Forms

How to Deal

Step 1

Choose a fund


Step 2

Read the Key Investor Information Document and the Prospectus for your chosen fund

Literature Library

Step 3

Complete the Subscription Form

Please ensure that when you complete the Subscription Form, you also complete the the Money Laundering Verification Requirements and the Declaration of Irish Residence outside Ireland (found at the end of the document). Once you have completed the relevant sections, please send the form to:

Northern Trust International Fund Administration Services (Ireland) Limited, Georges Court, 54-62 Townsend Street, Dublin 2, Ireland.


Please see below, a list of platforms on which the Polar Capital funds are available.

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